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Explore the last great frontier. Climb aboard a state-of-the-art research vessel with scientists and search for evidence of Paleo-Eskimo people, spot polar bears at play, hike the Arctic Circle, and gawk at towering icebergs. This trip has it all: ecology, conservation, exploration, and marine biology.

The Arctic

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Inspire your students to be lifelong learners with an unforgettable Discovery adventure - and see the world at no cost to you.

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Great Adventures

Meet fascinating experts and experience the world’s greatest adventures. Hear from past student travelers on what you can expect from your adventure.

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Safety Is Priority #1

Set your child on a course to future success. Safety is our number one priority as your child builds confidence and lasting connections to the wider world.

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    "A small frog native to the Republic of Seychelles lacks a conventional middle ear and eardrum to hear sounds made by other frogs, but new research suggests these peculiar croaker...s are not deaf, and can instead use their mouth cavities to pick up on noise.

    Gardiner's frogs from the Seychelles islands are one of the smallest known types of frogs in the world. These amphibians are seemingly deaf -- having no middle ear or eardrum to help process sound waves -- but can mysteriously still make their own croaking sounds, and hear the calls of other frogs.

    Click to discover how does this mouth-ear works: http://ow.ly/ovLV9"